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I scored 89/90 in PTE & I would credit this 100% to John & his institute.

I was applying for immigration & as a mandatory requirement, I had to give an English Exam.

After speaking/ emailing to 7 PTE training center’s across Dubai, I finalized upon Express English because:

1. One of the very rare centre’s who has a certified trainer with relevant experience.
2. Trainer was an educator himself in various colleges.
3. Native English speaker
4. Location/ distance of the centre (Business Bay)
5. Course fee
6. Flexibility of duration of the course.
7. Trainer’s sense of humour.   

So, John is the owner & trainer, who has worked extremely hard in setting up this centre over the last 2 years & it has come up pretty well.

A couple salient features about John, his teaching style & course:

1. John appears to be quite well versed with Pearson & the regular updates that come up from them.
2. He continues to update the content or atleast append any quick updates during the session.
3. His style of coaching is that of an ENABLER & not an ENFORCER…. what i mean is (in my opinion) English as a language cannot be picked up in a couple of weeks & then you get 90/90. One needs to put in the extra effort to come upto speed & pick up on vocab, writing style & listening, John or anyone else cannot help you with that.
Where John’s unique style comes into play is, his tip’s & tricks to beat the computer. Additionally, his pointers on how to tackle a particular kind of question (hence listen carefully in his class)
4. The class (atleast mine was) has a healthy mix of students aiming for 60 to 90 & hence the competition is good.
5. John keeps the sessions engaging & doesn’t let you doze off (All i need is an AC room with a person talking & i can sleep). He ensures that all the sections are touched upon in a session, with quiz or vocab modules built in.

I scored 89/90 in PTE & I would credit this 100% to John & his institute.

John, thanks a ton for the coaching & it was great having you as my tutor.


Gaurang GT Tewari Student

Express English Language Training Centre is a Dubai-based language training and development centre offering intensive IELTS and PTE Exam Preparation, General English Communication and Business English Communication Courses.


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