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Need CELPIP for immigration to Canada? Our CELPIP test preparation course in Dubai is taught by British tutors and provides the student with the CELPIP exam tips and techniques to pass the CELPIP test.

CELPIP Exam Preparation Course

All our native tutors agree that taking our CELPIP training course is the best way to pass the test first time. The CELPIP test is one of the main requirements for Canadian immigration and can sometimes be used for university entrance. Our students benefit from our expert CELPIP tips, advice, CELPIP speaking templates and personal feedback for CELPIP writing.

Our private CELPIP preparation course provides the best CELPIP exam tips, practice, and feedback from our expert British CELPIP tutors. This course is best for students who want to pass CELPIP quickly and need personal feedback from a CELPIP tutor which fits their schedule. In our CELPIP private lessons our native CELPIP teachers will tailor a course to the specific needs of the student. This is particularly helpful for students who need CELPIP writing coaching or tips on how to score high in the CELPIP speaking section.

A semi-private CELPIP preparation course is also an option if you have a small group of friends who want to take the CELPIP test.

CELPIP Course Outline

Our CELPIP classes are modular which means you can complete the modules in whichever order is most convenient. To keep lessons interesting, we follow an integrated skills approach, which means that each session is divided between the different skills. Each module contains expert CELPIP coaching, tips, strategies, practice, and feedback. We have developed our own CELPIP writing lessons, which include writing samples, techniques, model structures, and plenty of expert CELPIP writing feedback.

Each module also has a CELPIP vocabulary section which we practice together using the latest quiz game apps on smart phones and using our interactive whiteboards.

Our CELPIP Exam Preparation Team

Listening to our native tutors will help students get accustomed to the same accents they’ll hear in the CELPIP exam. Candidates can perfect their CELPIP speaking test answers with expert pronunciation tips from their highly qualified CELPIP tutors.

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What is CELPIP?

CELPIP is the Canadian English language Proficiency Index Program, an English proficiency test mainly for those applying for Canadian immigration. Please click on the link for a full explanation.

What makes a good CELPIP course?

CELPIP test preparation courses should cover the following:

  1. A full overview of the CELPIP test structure, scoring, and exam tips.
  2. Test practice, exam strategies and feedback for the CELPIP listening and CELPIP reading sections.
  3. CELPIP writing coaching with a clear model essay structure and CELPIP writing examples.
  4. Plenty of CELPIP writing marking and feedback from a tutor.
  5. Clear speaking strategies and CELPIP speaking practice for each section.

How do I prepare for CELPIP?

  1. Find a good CELPIP coaching centre near you.
  2. Ask your CELPIP tutor for extra materials to practice at home.
  3. Make sure you submit lots of CELPIP writing tasks, so you get lots of useful feedback and advice on how to improve your structure, vocabulary, and grammar.
  4. Practice your CELPIP speaking at home with a friend or by making recordings using your smart phone.
  5. Lastly, make sure you review your CELPIP notes and get a good night’s sleep before the exam!

How many hours is the CELPIP exam?

The CELPIP test lasts approximately three hours.

Is CELPIP easier than IELTS?

Trying to decide between IELTS and CELPIP? It really depends on the student, and it is best to call the centre and arrange a free consultation with an expert tutor to see which exam is best for you. Looking at the results, IELTS certainly seems easier in the speaking section whereas students often get better results in the CELPIP reading and listening sections. CELPIP is probably easier for students with spelling difficulties as there is a spellcheck available for the writing section and no need to spell for the CELPIP listening test. However, marking of the CELPIP writing test appears to be quite strict compared to IELTS.

Is CELPIP accepted outside Canada?

CELPIP is currently mainly used for Canadian immigration and entrance to certain universities.

Do you provide certificates?

Yes, at Express English institute, we provide KHDA accredited certificates for each course.

Are there CELPIP training courses or CELPIP classes near me?

Here are directions to our CELPIP course in Dubai.

What makes a good CELPIP course?

Students need to find a good quality CELPIP preparation course. Dubai has many choices but finding a reputable IELTS training center means considering cost, reputation and the use of qualified native speaker instructors. Express English Language Training Center provides well-designed courses taught by qualified native teachers for good value prices.

Is CELPIP test preparation important?

Most students will not get the score they deserve if they do not take a CELPIP training course to practice taking the test and learn the CELPIP test tips and exam techniques.

Does the course include CELPIP writing coaching?

Yes, we provide an official textbook and our own specially designed CELPIP writing examples and materials. Click on the link to see some of our CELPIP writing coaching by one of our CELPIP tutors.

How much does CELPIP cost?

The CELPIP test fee is approximately 955 AED.

How long is CELPIP valid for?

The CELPIP test is valid for two years.

Industry Experts

Our Dubai Native English Teachers

Where are our teachers from? Key to building a great English language institute is listening to our students and we many of our students want teachers with British or American accents. All of the tutors currently teaching at Express English language institute are British or American.

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